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Innovations and international trends in the gaming industry

Apuesta Colombia starts a new editorial year with innovative and clear articles on the hottest topics of interest to the gambling industry in Colombia. From the impact of major international events and trends to specific territorial issues that will affect our sector, we will provide the best and most specialized content that is vital for entrepreneurs, suppliers, operators, and other actors in this important national industry.

Firstly, the major regulatory restructurings that are being discussed in the Colombian Congress will be addressed, and one of them, the highly talked about and debated Health Reform, will significantly impact our industry. Therefore, our regular Special Report will shed light on the details of this reform, which is one of the biggest concerns that our sector is currently facing due to the magnitude of the proposed changes. It will be crucial for us, as a valid actor, to raise our voice on this issue, given its impact on the sector.

Similarly, we will provide the most detailed analysis of the Labor Reform and how it could affect our industry. The importance of this article lies in the fact that although various media outlets in the country have reported on the information daily since the text was presented to Congress from technical tables in the middle of last year, none of them has emphasized the direct impacts on our gambling industry. For this reason, we took on the task of studying the details of the reform and presenting it in the most detailed and understandable manner possible.

In both cases, it is worth reiterating that the texts of the projects are still under discussion for approval in the Colombian Legislature, and the time and circumstances of each process will determine the changes that must be implemented for the industry. However, it is why the analysis for understanding will be crucial, as in the opening of the various discussion spaces for one or another initiative, we will have the opportunity to present our modification proposals as valid actors.

Secondly, Apuesta Colombia presents the balance, trends, and perspectives of suppliers in the events of GAT Cartagena and ICE London 2023. These events, which will bring innovations to the gambling industry, suppliers, and operators nationally and globally, will be the gateway to how this important sector of the international and local industry continues to reinvent itself to remain a pioneer in the global economy.

We also bring you the most comprehensive report on the economic prospects and projections of Coljuegos, which, in addition to introducing a new president, Roger Carrillo, who spoke EXCLUSIVELY with RAC, starts the year with record growth figures. The associations also present financial growth projections for this fiscal year, which will undoubtedly have significant repercussions on national gambling, and we will focus on both cases with special attention from our specialized magazine in the gambling industry.

Finally, in our 28th edition, the first of this 2023 fiscal year, we present an article from the legal clinic on located operators and how to obtain insurance policies for contracts made in our industry, and in profiles, we make a bet on entrepreneurship with Mercedes Acosta, which you are sure to love. We hope that all of our content, as always, will be most enjoyable and useful for all of you.

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